SafeYard Organics

The number one choice to ensure a yard that is free of disease carrying insects. We are a locally owned, knowledgeable company,  sensitive to the impact on the environment.

We protect your bees!

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SafeYard Organics

is the number one choice for a tick, flea, brown tailed moth and mosquito free yard.

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We use an effective

low impact, low risk spray, that kills disease carrying and nuisance insects on contact.

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Once applied

it has been shown to be effective immediately and for an additional three or more weeks.

Our Sprays

Are not harmful to humans, pets, and wildlife and allows you and your family to be back on your lawn and in the garden within hours of application.

SafeYard treatments are:

NOFA certified

USDA compliant

Family and Pet friendly

Bug bites carry a threat!

The goal of SafeYard Organics is to provide an effective, environmentally responsible spray for ticks, fleas, brown tailed moths, and mosquito control. Also, to produce a safe and pleasant outdoor environment by the controlling biting insects in your yard and garden.

We target the source of pest problems, rather than the symptoms, and use low impact techniques.