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Safe Yard Organics

    Our services:
    • Control and management of mosquitos, ticks, pest insects
    • Control weeds and diseases in lawns and yards
    • Control and management of invasive plants
    • Licensed arborist

The goal of Safe Yard Organics is to provide effective, environmentally responsible, tick and mosquito control, as well as controlling browntail moth infestations, emerald ash borers and other tree pests and diseases. We produce a safe and pleasant outdoor environment. We target the source of pest problems, rather than the symptoms, and use low impact techniques.


Is your yard protected?

Safety first.

Our sprays are made of natural substances including cedar, peppermint oils and alcohol and we are fully NOFA certified. It is also USDA National Organic Program compliant. They are effective on disease causing ticks, mosquitos, and fleas, and are completely safe for your family, pets, and environment. It has a pleasant natural fragrance you will enjoy without worrying chemical odors and residue.

Save Money!

Discounts are given for groups of four or more neighboring yards. We encourage adjacent property owners to consider treating their yards on a regular schedule to diminish repopulation by the targeted insects.

If your pets are having flea problems, a one-time application, in many instances, will make your yard comfortable again. Treating your property monthly will control populations of deer and wood ticks, as well as other nuisance insects. If you see ticks on your pets, treating your outdoor space is highly recommended.

A one time application ahead of outdoor parties, picnics, weddings, and family gatherings, will bring the assurance of a pleasant, tick and mosquito free, environment.

SafeYard Organics’ rates are based on the size and terrain of the property to be sprayed.

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